In today’s fashion industry, there’s a constant push for more more more which leads to waste and more waste. It also creates a hamster wheel of creating simply to create, without real thought behind how each garment gives functionality and a long-lasting value. We’re SO aware of this trap at Coed, and are really making an effort to scale back and create with intention and a mind set of “How will this piece help you in your daily movement?” and “how long will this last you?”.


At the moment we aren’t subscribing to seasons or collections, but rather gaining feedback and putting out what you truly ask for with proper thought and care. When we first launched Coed, we wanted to start with a collection of “elevated basics” as we call them, in neutral colors. We wanted to create styles that have true everyday functionality, long lasting wear-ability and are of course super chic and cool and make you feel incredible during your workouts. We wanted to learn who our customer is and what he and she wants and is missing in their wardrobes.


As we continue to gain this knowledge, we promise to give you what you are truly wanting and needing. We promise to create with care and give you products that will last for years and be your go-to pieces for whatever activity you’re doing.