If you’ve been following along with Coed, you know that there’s SPF in all of our products! Well actually, UPF, but we’ll get to that later… We get so many questions about this awesome feature, so we broke it all down for you here.


One of the great benefits of putting your Coed products to use, is exercising outdoors. We love a good hike, beach walk or long distance run, but are definitely not fans of what UV rays can cause to the skin, like sunburn, premature aging or worst of all, skin cancer. To fight against those potentially damaging UV rays, we made clothes with SPF, which in apparel is rated by something called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) that tells you the overall level of UV exposure.



SPF technically only pertains to sunscreen and it’s protection against UVB rays (the most damaging kind). UPF though, gauges a fabric’s effectiveness in protecting against both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.


UPF Rating Protection Category Effective UV Transmission (%)
15, 20 Good 6.7-4.2
25, 30, 35 Very Good 4.1-2.6
40, 45, 50, 50+ Excellent Less than 2.5


A UPF rating of 25 means that 1/25th (roughly 4%) of UV rays will penetrate the fabric. If fabric has a 50 rating, that means that 1/50th (roughly 2%) of UV rays will pass though. Any fabric with a UV rating of less than 15 is not considered UV-protective. A typical white cotton tee, for example has a UPF rating of 5, meaning 20% of available UV rays will penetrate the fabric.



There are a few factors that affect the UPF rating like the construction of the garment, color of the fabric and fiber type. Dense, tight construction of a garment can add more protection against UV rays. Darker colors will also add more protection, and fabrics like polyester will increase a garment’s UPF rating.


All of Coed’s products range from 40-50 UPF, giving you excellent coverage and peace of mind when you’re hitting the trails. Of course, always apply a good sunscreen on any other exposed areas of your body, but when it comes to your skin underneath your clothes, consider yourself covered!