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The 3 Things We Do Every Morning

Right after we wake, there are three things on our mind to help jump start a healthy day. Light, hydration and movement. Once you get those three things down, you’re on your way to a successful start.
Light: the first thing we’re doing is opening up the shades and letting light in the room. This really wakes up the brain and helps the body adjust to daylight. It immediately lets the body know that it’s time to WAKE UP. Opening up a window to get some air flowing is also a great way to remind the body that it’s time to get moving.
Movement: Whether it’s a few stretches or three different floor exercises to get some blood flowing, movement is essential to our morning routine. We also love to get outside for a walk first thing in the morning and feel the ocean breeze. Try out 1 minute sets of sit ups, downward dog to planks, and squats one time through to start out your morning and see you feel. We’re definitely setting out our Coed leggings and sports bra to make our morning movement an easy no brainer.
Hydration: The body is in need of serious hydration after a night’s rest. We sleep with a 24oz water bottle at our bedside and start chugging the second we’re up. We’re aiming for 16 oz of water within the first 30 minutes to an hour at least. Add a little lemon and pink Himalayan salt for extra benefits and you’re good to go.

Try out these three morning habits and tweet us @coedactive to let us know how it worked for you!