If you’re new to Coed, I want to say welcome and introduce myself!

I started Coed 2 years ago out of a love of heath, wellness, nutrition and fashion. I first fell in love with all things fitness when I was living and going to fashion school in London. I began running long distances and loved learning about the new city I was living in by foot and would run along the River Thames, past Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, falling in love with the history, architecture and incredible culture that London had, and LOVED doing it by foot. It was the first time that I was experiencing fitness in a total-body way. I was fueling my body, mind and soul and from there I started working out outside in my favorite London parks, making fun and healthy food and sharing it with my roommates and discovering the vast world of health and fitness.

Upon my return to my hometown of Los Angeles, I had the idea of Coed when an overpriced pair of leggings were slipping down my body during a SoulCycle class! I had the initial thought that I could create a better pair of leggings, made in LA at a more affordable price. It was then that I told my now fiancĂ© about the idea and he said that he had also been feeling that there was a lack of options for men in the activewear space. From there the idea of Coed formed and I ran with it. It took two years of finding the right factory, product development team, fabric, branding, website and so on before we launched Coed, and we did so with a tight collection of well-made “elevated basics” for men and women– celebrating neutrality and connection with others through activity.

We have since then received an overwhelming response and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited for what’s to come. Thank you for following along the journey with us and we can’t wait to launch more products that make YOU feel amazing. The greatest feeling in the world is when someone tells me how confident Coed makes them feel and how the products serve them like no other, and we hope to keep doing so for years to come.


xo Julia